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TYPO3 in Love

Why We Love TYPO3?

For us, fundamental factors for selecting a content management system are crucial. On the one hand, projects are always agile, which means that there will always be new requirements and these have to be realized. TYPO3 is able to withstand this agility by providing a lot of extensions, as well as individual extensions. In addition, it is important for you to have some security through this agency-independent, license-free software, which has a large community and therefore also a large developer community.

Another important factor is working with TYPO3. What good is the most beautiful CMS, if no editor can deal with it? With TYPO3, an efficient way of working is also ensured for editors.

In short, we love TYPO3 because our customers love it too.

You Will Like It!

  • Web-based, intuitive content management system
  • Uncomplicated WYSIWYG editor and easy to edit content
  • Processing in front and back end possible
  • Individual setting of users and user groups
  • Generation of clean source codes and UTF-8 support (multilingualism, eg Russian)
  • Time-controlled publication and archiving of content
  • Multidomains (several domains via a TYPO3 installation)
  • Separation of content and design
  • Logging of changes and thus restoring possibility
  • Permanent development
  • Extensive library with extensions

TYPO3 Community Events

In the past, we have visited some TYPO3 community events and got the experience that the community is a driving force for us to always get the most out of the content management system.

We are inquisitive too and do not want to stand still. We always want the optimum for our customer projects.

The next events are already on.

Community Events

The Community Never Sleeps

We are more than software. Welcome to the TYPO3 community.

Boris Schauer with the help of Benjamin Kott made a retina background (17MB) available with T3CRR14's motto.“ (

TYPO3 Updates

Security First

We rely on qualified hosters and benefit as an agency of daily security scans. This way, viruses, trojans, or other malware can be found and disposed quickly. These measures ensure a secure operation of our web applications or Internet projects.

Security Patches

In single TYPO3 installations, security updates are also performed automatically. This ensures that your website is protected around the clock, and is always at its best. We receive notifications when safety measures can not be automatically imported and take over this part independently.


With the LTS version 8.7 released in April 2017, our customers can look forward to a completely revised and faster system than ever before. The previous LTS version 7.6 is supplied with security-relevant updates in parallel. The support phase ends at the end of 2018.

For all older 6.x versions of TYPO3 no security updates have been developed since the beginning of 2017. We therefore recommend to get the most up-to-date LTS solution to our customers and those who want to become. With the TYPO3 8.7, we expect security features until March 2020 and are so on the safe side again for a long period of time.

We will be happy to check your TYPO3 6.x or 7.x project to see if an update to the latest version is possible.

Contact us

TYPO3 Long Time Support

TYPO3 Extension Development

Standard or Individual

Depending on the requirements, it is possible to integrate an already existing extension from the TYPO3 repository via an extension manager. Therefore we reach the target quickly and with little effort. All extensions have to observe policies in coding, and consequently high quality standards, to be included in the repository. Currently there are more than 1,000 extensions in the TYPO3 repository.

It is also possible to adapt existing extensions or to develop individual extensions independently. We advise you based on your requirements and make appropriate recommendations, which is the best solution for you.

Examples of Extensions

  • Search engine-readable URL
  • Tagcloud
  • Indexed full-text search
  • Picture Galleries
  • FAQ or WiKi
  • News
  • Calendar
  • Social Bookmark
  • Blog
  • Product lists

TYPO3 Extension Repository

You can take a look at the many possibilities and browse the TYPO3 repository. You can also contact us for individual extensions. Often, we have already gained experience and are happy to pass this on to our customers.

Many extensions have already been successfully used. In the unlikely event that we do not know an extension, we get to know it.

TYPO3 Extension Repository

TYPO3 Extension Manager

TYPO3 Hosting

For Our Customers

We provide comprehensive hosting, housing and domain services that go beyond what a standard provider can afford. Our servers are accommodated for maximum security in spatially separated data centers.

The connections to international backbones are realized redundantly via different independent network operators.

Do you have special requirements?
Call us or write us, we will be happy to advise you.

We Offer You

  • Individual performance packages for every budget
  • Registration of all top-level domains (TLD)
  • Request for SSL certificates
  • Monitoring and reporting
  • Web server Linux or Microsoft IIS
  • Database server Oracle, MS SQL or MySQL
  • Mail server with webmail interfaces to SMS gateways, fax servers
  • Media databases

Current Basic Data

  • Around 500 domains in administration
  • Over 300 hosting packages
  • Own DNS servers
  • Own e-mail servers
  • Newsletters via certified servers
  • Servers specially designed for TYPO3
  • Performance optimized Magento Server
  • Individual server configurations possible
  • Powerful, certified partners
  • High redundancy and security requirements

Hosting Partners