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mediatack GmbH
Tschaikowskistrasse 52
09130 Chemnitz

Telefon: +49 (371) 90 95 8-0
Fax: +49 (371) 90 95 8-88
E-Mail: info(at)

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With Public Transport

Just a 15-minute walk from Chemnitz main station or 20 minutes from the city center, we have our headquarters in Chemnitz Sonnenberg. From the city center you can take the bus line 31 towards Yorckgebiet and get off at the stop Zietenstraße. You are on the Fürstenstraße, run back over the intersection Zietenstraße and turn right on the Tschaikowskistraße.

After a few steps you have earned yourself a coffee.

The Friendly Voice

Just follow the friendly voice in the car, but still pay attention to road traffic. If you leave the A4 motorway from Chemnitz Nord, continue along the B95 into the city center. At the intersection Leipziger Straße Limbacher Straße, turn left onto Hartmannstraße, then continue straight ahead and turn left at the Theaterstraße. At the Mercure Hotel, turn right onto Brückenstraße and briefly wink at our Karl Marx monument. At the next intersection, turn left onto Bahnhofsstraße in the direction of the main railway station, then turn right again onto Dresdner Straße. Stay on the main road and turn right at the next traffic light junction onto Fürstenstraße. At the second crossroads, turn left into St. Markusstraße and turn right again onto Ludwig-Kirsch-Straße. At the next intersection you have reached your destination.

If all this was too complicated for you, we'll pick you up at the beginning of Chemnitz, we do not want your coffee to get cold.