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The Right Lid for Every Pot

Content Management Systems

Many cooks do not spoil the mash, because the Open Source thought in Content Management Systems (CMS) opens doors for great and unique projects.

Would you like to determine the content of your website? No problem, in the meantime we care about the fact that the oven remains heated.

Just the difficult recipes are delightful.

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Maintain Web Pages Yourself

A Content Management System (CMS) helps you create, manage, maintain and publish the content of your website. Programming knowledge is not required.

This means that you are able to update essential parts of your web presence yourself, even without the need for Internet expertise. Focus on your core business, we support you with modern technologies for your website.

In our  TYPO3 Area, you will find out more about this.

Served with a Lot of Experience

Right Delicacy

Flavor as Desired

Individual Development

Individual development means understanding and implementing customer needs. We conjure up your imaginations to a wonderful digital enjoyment. Whether campaign landing page or individual back end and front end for your next events, the right mix makes it.

In close customer contact we create an eye-candy.

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Website Programming and Web Development

There are rare applications where a standardized solution fits directly into the respective website. For this purpose, we offer individual web programming with existing or completely new software or modules (static and dynamic).

A Pinch of It!


A Tasting Maybe?

I Thought There Was More in It?

Web Design

Also mashed potatoes with fish sticks can remain in the memory, the first impression counts.

Web design is the high art to show useful things in efficient packaging.

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Webdesign - Professional Design for Your Web Presence

Your company needs a new web design for your web presence or a completely new web presence? For this purpose, a meaningful concept for design, page structure or user experience as well as short loading times?

A nice web design should always be considered in conjunction with feasible technical implementation and search engine optimization as a whole.

Because a smart page, which your target group does not find or is not represented correctly by insufficient programming, helps you little.

We would be glad to provide you with a non-binding offer. Find out more about our previous web design projects at mediatack GmbH - Chemnitz.